Expense Reimbursement

The Bluebird Day Fund offers financial reimbursement assistance to those dedicated individuals who travel and compete for the love of their sport. This includes travel expenses and competition fees for sanctioned winter events.


Each year a maximum of $300 is granted to each chosen candidate from a list of potential applications. Only a certain number of candidates are picked, so a strong argument must be made for each case.


Click on the link for your copy of the application, then e-mail or mail it back to us. >>>>>>>>>>>>
Park Sessions

New in 2012, the first ever 'Bluebird Park Sessions' was a great success. A hand picked group of applicants, aged 12-15, are chosen to take part in a weekly terrain park training camp, led by certified coaches.


Every Sunday from January to the end of March, proper park etiquette, safety and technique are practiced to boost riders confidence and skills in a terrain park setting.


We are accepting applications all year to be ready for next season.




Download this form for more details and share it in your community!
Sports Mentorship
In association with the
Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops

Since 2012 the Bluebird Day Fund has worked with local youth clubs to create and maintain youth sports mentorship programs. We aim to pair youth who wish to ski or snowboard with a Sports Mentor based in the Sun Peaks and Kamloops area and create a lasting friendship. Currently we are working with the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops to accomplish this goal one kid at a time.


Please contact us or the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops, let them know you want to be a mentor and show your spirit for youth sports in our area. Just a small amount of your time makes a HUGE impression on a kid who just wants to play!

Roadside Awareness

In November of 2013, a long awaited decision from the Ministry of transportation was finally made in favour of the Bluebird Day Fund. A sign on the roadside leaving Sun Peaks Resort reading "Please Don't Drink and Drive, In Memory of Bryn Taylor" was placed for Bryns memory and a reminder to all to practice safe driving habits. Possibly the first of its kind in B.C., this was a huge win for all and especially the Bluebird Day Fund.


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